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Jarrett and Nicole are a husband and wife team that have grown over the past six years to include their four children Spencer, Declan, Clara and Ailyn.  During this time they were growing their family, Jarrett Ford Photography has grown from Jarrett’s  hobby to their family business. 
In his own family Jarrett was the last of four children and the ongoing joke is because of this there aren’t many pictures of him.  That experience is one of the driving forces behind his desire to give families tangible memories of their most precious days.  Ironically being behind the camera leaves Jarrett out of pictures once again but capturing beautiful memories for their clients more than makes up for it. 
Nicole’s childhood was a little different.  she has many pictures that captured the big and little moments of life growing up.  Being able to look at a picture and have it stir the emotion attached to the memory is something Nicole wants everyone to experience.
Jarrett’s skill and love of photography combined with Nicole’s background in business and love of decorating and creating beautiful things is the perfect combination for a photography business. 
Client experience is top priority and their passion is turning your memories into art by giving families tangible pieces to display on their walls, not stored on a drive in the back of a drawer.  To ensure they can provide those stunning pieces they have partnered with the finest professional printers to create extraordinary pieces of wall art and albums for their clients to treasure and pass down for generations to come.
While they know they can’t stop time, they can certainly pause a cherished moment and capture it with a beautiful, heirloom quality piece of art.
Jarrett's work has been published in The Toronto Star, Hoss Magazine, The Invidiata Collection and on the cover of Mompreneur Magazine.  It has also been featured on such websites as, and
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